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Meet the CEO

Nichol brings years of experience and entrepreneurial success. Nichol is a mother of 3 amazing kids and a widow to her loving late husband of 25 years. At the age of 21 Nichol created her first company with 50 employees. “Party Central” was a children’s entertainment company specializing in 500 corporate events a year. Simultaneously she and her husband owned and operated an orthopedic distribution supply company “Northwest Joints” in 3 states of the Pacific Northwest.

Among being a successful business owner, she is also a published bestselling author and public speaker on life’s adversities. Her passion for creating a product line not only useful but necessary is rewarding. With Nichols medical background she possesses, she has seen and experienced firsthand the damages of unclean sanitary issues.

Since Nichol has taken on the development of “The Toilet Buddy”, she has always embraced the expanded need for this technology. Nichol’s vision for “The Toilet Buddy” to be placed in all public locations and not just the restrooms was her drive from day one.

With the shock of the COVID-19 virus hitting the world in the first quarter of 2020, the need to launch this product immediately became even more apparent. Nichol promptly built a team focused on research and development, which inspired innovating “The Toilet Buddy” into a 2-in-1 disinfectant wipe and hand sanitizer dispense system. It was important for Nichol and her team to create a compact dispense system strategically placed in our world helping in the reopening of our communities. This event led to the rebranding of “Tidy Buddies, LLC” to “BiOXO SOLUTIONS, LLC”.

Nichol’s sincere drive and determination to assist the education system in the U.S. and internationally provide a safer environment for all participates, has given real meaning and purpose to her visions. Nichol adores leading the BiOXO SOLUTIONS team and their commitment to innovating products and creating solutions for our world’s sanitation needs is always done with love and care, hence the OXO in BiOXO.