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As a successful businessman, Glenn Neasham’s keen eye for innovation has launched him into the world as an inventor of a variety of ingenious products to address our world’s needs. Glenn began his career in the armed forces serving in the US Navy where his hard work and attention to details was given the opportunity to be enhanced and refined through his military training. Then off to college he went and studied business, theatre and criminal justice at BYU Idaho and the College of San Mateo in California, and also attended the “School for film and TV” in New York city as well as a summer training congress at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco.

His passion for being creative as an entrepreneur has also served him well. The original brainchild of BiOXO SOLUTIONS was the patented cleaning dispenser he called “The Toilet Buddy”, which addressed the need for cleanliness in the restroom.

The journey to create “The Toilet Buddy” began long ago, as a father of 2 boys, and 2 girls one having special needs. He found himself concerned about keeping the toilet clean and sanitized.  He thought because homes typically don’t have “toilet seat paper covers” that a devise dispensing a 100% biodegradable wet wipe that would kill viruses and bacteria’s could be something almost every home and business could use.
He wanted to provide a clean environment and found it an impossible task due to boy’s not lifting the toilet seat he thought why not create a devise like the original “Toilet Buddy”. It was at this pivotal point that Glenn came up with the concept for “The Toilet Buddy.” He saw the need for an accessible fixed dispenser to hold disinfectant wipes. These wipes could provide a simple way to clean the seat prior to its use with a disinfectant wipe solution.
Glenn never thought this invention would be so needed until he partnered with Nichol Behrens. They have now created a dynamic team and launched a company to bring solutions that are crucially needed in our society and world today. A loving father whose simple act of kindness to protect his children, is the very thing protecting our communities.